Emergency Voice Communicator / Voice Call Point

VCP-LTE Series

VCP-LTE Series is an AC-powered Emergency Voice Call Point with LTE capability while leveraging F1 technology. With one simple button press, users can summon help when an emergency arises. The series consists of two models: VCP-LTE, which can act as a standalone communicator, and VCP-LTE-SV, which can be used as an emergency alarm or panic button to integrate with a Control Panel.

VCP-LTE is a standalone Telecare communicator, signaling the monitoring center in case of an emergency. It can also connect to wearable pendants, safety sensors and motion sensors for inactivity monitoring, allowing users to activate the alarm even when away from the Emergency Voice Call Point.

Meanwhile, VCP-LTE-SV can work with control panel that does not have voice communication channel, acting as both the emergency alarm and a panic button. Users can get help with one simple button press in an emergency, immediately trigger an alarm call to monitoring center while sending an alarm signal to the control panel, significantly increasing response and rescue time.

Placing VCP-LTE Series models at strategic locations can create an extra network of safety. It is suitable for senior and medical care and ideal for multi-story homes and large premises.


  • Emergency Voice Call Point with F1 technology
  • Two-way communication with long range
  • Single-button design for making calls to summon help
  • Provide high-clarity, hands-free, two-way communication
  • Automatically answering incoming calls
  • Capablility to remotely control volume setting
  • Capablility to adjust the sensitivity of microphone
  • Excellent voice quality allows users to answer within 10m range from device
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Large ALARM button for easy identification
  • Wall-mount or table-top placement
  • Ideal for multi-story homes and larger premises
  • Backup battery
  • Low battery detection

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AC-powered LTE Voice Call Point, standalone Telecare communicator with backup battery


AC-powered LTE Voice Call Point, emergency alarm and panic button with backup battery

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