mmWave Fall Sensors

FS-mmW Series

Intelihealth’s FS-mmW mmWave Fall Sensor is a series of new 60GHz millimeter-wave (mmWave) Technology fall detection sensors, which differs from the previous pendant-wearing fall detection method. Since mmWave Technology is capable of determining the people’s distance range, velocity and angle of fall arrival, FS-mmW mmWave Fall Sensor comes with higher accuracy and speed when detecting the motions of falling.

MmWave Technology is powered by its advanced radar-based presence detection algorithm, which can accurately detect human movement, capturing even subtle human movements. Intelihealth’s FS-mmW mmWave Fall Sensor also provides high quality in challenging indoor environment, including in darkness. Moreover, it is enhanced with pet immunity, eliminating blind spot to minimize false alarm situation.

This sensor is suitable for various types of people, such as the elders or disabled people. Recommended installed locations include nursing homes, hospitals, homes or community facility areas. Intelihealth’s FS-mmW mmWave Fall Sensor can be installed in corners of each frequently visited place such as bathroom, bedroom, kitchens or many areas where people may easily fall down, therefore ensuring accidents of the loved ones can be assisted at the earliest timing possible.


  • Accurate fall detection capability
  • Non-wearable sensing system
  • Pet immunity function
  • Corner-mounted
  • Remote sensitivity setting (for FS-mmW-3 only)
  • Low battery detection
  • IPX4 waterproof protection
  • IR lense for power saving
  • LED indicator
  • Support for supervision signal

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mmWave Fall Sensor


mmWave Fall Sensor with remote sensitivity setting

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