• Can be worn on the wrist like a watch or around the neck as a pendant
• Permanently sealed-in Lithium battery
• Battery operated with life expectancy of > 5.5 years in a typical domestic environment
• Waterproof design (up to 20ft depth underwater)
• Ultra low power consumption
• Choice of black elastic wrist band, Velcro wrist band, white plastic watch band, gray lanyard, or metal necklace
• Features Low Battery detection & Supervision



WTRQ2 is a compact pendant, which allows the user to raise an alarm in an emergency. In an emergency, help is merely a button press away! WTRQ2 employs a special RF antenna design to achieve exceptional efficiency. The wireless range between WTRQ2 and Medical Panel is almost 35% greater than that between WTRQ and Medical Panel. The protection line is extended to strengthen the safety net for your loved one.



Mobile Lite User Manual

User Manual


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