Portable Personal

Emergency Response System

Mobile Lite Series

Mobile Lite-R3-QT

 GPS Locator

Mobile Lite-R8

GPS Locator with RF technology  

Mobile Lite-R15

GPS Locator with Fall Detection feature 

Mobile Lite-R18

GPS Locator with Fall Detection feature and RF technology

Mobile Lite Product

Mobile Lite Series + Charging Cradle + Travelers Charger Set

Additional Accessories

Wrist Transmitter/ Emergency Pendant WTRQ
Do you or your family member live alone? Do you worry about their safety or health concerns? Unfortunately, you can not always be there 24 hours a day to provide hands-on care and assistance. You want to ensure their safety and security – especially in an emergency. The Wrist Transmitter/Emergency Pendant is designed to be worn as they move in the premise. In an emergency, help is merely a button press away!

Features Coverd by Mobile Lite Series

  • Portable PERS for both indoor and outdoor protection
  • Fall Detection built-in (Mobile Lite-R15/R18 only)
  • Reports up to five emergency calls numbers or CMS
  • Location coordinates viewable on Inteliheath’s online platform & app “My GPS Alert”
  • Extensive full-duplex two-way voice communication range
  • Remote programming
  • Enhanced location accuracy with GPS & Wi-fi technologies
  • Integrate emergency pendants / wrist transmitters (Mobile-Lite R8/R18 only)
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Geofence alerts can be generated when the user leaves a defined safe area (optional)
  • Automatic check-in reports

How Can Care Personnel and Family Members Locate You

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